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Drum Dollies, Drum Cradles, Drum Lifting Equipment

55 gallon drums are frequently used in many industrial and commercial environments. The liquids that these drums store can be crucial ingredients in manufacturing processes, machine and equipment operations, and disposal of hazardous materials. It is imperative that you provide your operators with quick and efficient handling equipment for your drums to maintain worker productivity and safety. DC Graves offers many different drum handler devices such as drum dollies, drum cradles, drum lifting equipment, and drum storage systems. All oil drum handling equipment sold by DC Graves is proudly made in the USA.

Drum Dollies: used to transport drums when in the vertical position, drums can be filled or empty. We offer five different standard options to move drums in sizes from 5 up to 85 gallons.

Drum Cradles: used to transfer drum while in a horizontal position, drum cradles are used mainly with filled drums for transportation, mixing, dispensing and storage. DC Graves offers a economy and deluxe drum cradle for 30 and 55 gallon steel drums.

Drum Cradles Drum Dollies Drum Storage Racks

  • For mixing, draining, moving and storing drums.

  • Drums are transported in horizontal postition

  • 2 models available, Economy & Deluxe

  • For the transportation of drums

  • Drums are transported in vertical position

  • 5 different 55 gal drum dolly models available

  • Drum storage for 55 gallon steel drums

  • Choose between four unique models

  • Portable, Modular, Pre-Configured, and Pallet Drum Racks

Spill Containment Platforms

  • Storage and Containment for 55 Gallon Drums

  • Steel Platforms, Carts, and Dispensing Stations

  • Heavy duty steel construction outlasts plastic alternatives