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Series DD - Two Shelf Angle Frame Instrument Cart

Vibration reducing, shock absorbing utility cart to safely transport instruments and other sensitive materials.

  • 1,200-lbs capacity evenly distributed
  • 34" overall height
  • 20" shelf clearance
  • all welded construction, minus bolt-on casters
  • top and bottom shelves have shock absorbing, non-slip cushioned, non-conductive vinyl matting.
  • tubular handle with smooth radius bend extends 6" from rolling instrument cart
  • 8" x 3" Full Pneumatic casters, 2 swivel & 2 rigid, bolt on style for easy future replacement
  • ships fully assembled shrinkwrapped on a pallet via truck (LTL)

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Shelf Size Model Price Weight
18" x 30" DD12 $383.00 114
18" x 36" DD13 $408.00 122
24" x 36" DD17 $463.00 130
24" x 48" DD19 $526.00 150
24" x 60" DD21 $583.00 172
30" x 36" DD23 $538.00 148
30" x 48" DD24 $606.00 174
30" x 60" DD25 $672.00 200
36" x 48" DD27 $696.00 198
36" x 60" DD28 $780.00 228
Color Options - Standard Color is Gray
Optional Colors, are available at no extra cost and they do not add to the lead time, but all carts ordered with optional colors become
Gray (-G) Black (-BK) Blue (-B) Green (-FG)
Putty (-P) Red (-R) Yellow (-Y)
Caster Options
P5 - Full Pneumatic Casters (Standard) Z5 - Semi Pneumatic Casters
Full Pneumatic casters are ideal for transporting sensitive loads that can be harmed by vibration, they are also ideal for transporting outside over lawns, inside on uneven floors, ridges in floors or bar grating on mezzanines. One Drawback is they are harder to push and must be maintained, if one tire losses pressure the cart is in-operable. Semi Pneumatic casters do not absorb vibrations as well as full pneumatic, but they roll easier and are fantastic on uneven floors, ridges in floors or bar grating on mezzanines. Also, these casters are filled with gel rather than air and have no air pressure maintenance concerns.