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Wood Deck Platform Trucks

Industrial Quality Platform Trucks with Wood Decks

Wood deck platform trucks from DC Graves offer a more forgiving surface for your materials when compared to the more common steel deck trucks available. Choose between 3 styles of wood decks, the steel frame platform truck capped with a solid piece of plywood, a scratch resistant hardwood deck truck, or a superior quality ironwood deck truck. All wood decks are 1" thick except for the plywood capped model which features a 3/4" thick deck. All of our wooden heavy duty platform trucks have capacities between 1,200 and 2,000 pounds evenly distributed over the deck. Browse our selection of platform trucks with wood decks, below.

Wood Deck Platform Trucks
PB - Plywood Capped Truck

EH - Hardwood Deck Truck

PV - Superior Ironwood Deck Truck

WH - Raised Plywood Deck Truck

EZ - Raised Deck w/ Pneumatic Casters

EM - Wire Sided Box Truck