Shipping and Receiving Instructions

UPS and FedEx Shipments

Certain smaller and lightweight products DC Graves sells are able to ship via small package with UPS or FedEx Ground services.

We can either add the shipping costs to your order or ship collect using your own UPS or FedEx account.

Freight Shipments - Truck (LTL)

The majority of products that we sell are too large and heavy to ship UPS or FedEx and must ship via truck (LTL). Utilizing our national trucking partners we find the best possible shipping rates for your products and add the shipping costs to your bill.

Alternately, we can ship collect to your own account with any designated trucker, or can ship 3rd party using your logistics provider

Receiving Material

When receiving an order it is your responsibility to make sure material is signed for properly. Always inspect shipments for any kind of damage that may have ocurred during transit. If you see any damage please note this on the paperwork. If the material is severely damaged, refuse the shipment. If you sign for damaged material in good condition there is no way to get a refund. It is imperative that you check all shipments for damage!!!