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Four Way Pallet Jack

4 Way Pallet Trucks Engineered to Access Pallets from all 4 Sides

Lift Rite- Four Way Manual Pallet Jack

Efficiently handle pallets from all 4 sides!

The Lift Rite low profile 4-way pallet jack (5,000 lbs.) series is available as a low profile model with 2" lowered height or ultra low profile configured with 1.75" lowered height for the lowest of pallet openings. Lift Rite low profile 4-way pallet jacks permit the operator to enter pallets from all 4 sides, this is particularly useful when loading pallets onto a trailer to maximize the load density. Additionally, operator productivity is increased as operator can access a pallet that has been closed in on three sides leaving only one sided access that a standard pallet jack cannot handle.

European Made Hydraulic Pump
One-Piece Cast Construction, No Leaks!
Move Pallets from All 4 Sides
33" Wide Forks Enable 4 Way Access
Model Fork Size (W x L) Price Weight
Low Profile - 2" Lowered Fork Height
MWK1LY00 33" x 48" $1,099 205-lbs.
Ultra Low Profile - 1.75" Lowered Fork Height
UWK1LY00 33" x 48" $1,128 205-lbs.
Capacity: 5,000-lbs.
Fork Width: 6"
Lowered Height: 2" or 1.75"
Raised Height: 6-3/4"
Steer Wheels: 7" Diameter
Load Wheels: 2" Diameter
Wheel Type: Nylon/Steel
Color: Yellow