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Convertible and Standard Aluminum Hand Trucks for Industrial Use

Known by many names such as two wheeler, hand truck, hand cart, or trolleys. Aluminum hand trucks from DC Graves are a time and back saving tool that can fill various needs around your warehouse or in the field on delivery trucks. Manufactured with high strength aluminum, these hand trucks are durable, lightweight and easily maneuverable, and will not rust over time. All units are equipped with flat free wheels which means years of stress free use and never having to worry about filling your tires up with air again!

Standard Aluminum Hand Trucks - Two Wheel Hand Trucks
Standard Aluminum Hand Tuck

Model AHT1: Simple, cost effective aluminum hand truck that is light on weight yet strong, durable and will become an invaluable tool in any facility or in the field. This unit rolls on (2) 10" diameter flat free rubber tires with heavy duty precision bearings. Never worry about inflating your tires in the field as you can rest assured these wheels will never run flat! Smooth loop style handle with rubber coating ensures a slip free grip while using your two wheeler.
Aluminum Hand Tuck w/ Folding Nose

Model AFT1: Have large packages and boxes that the standard 18 x 7.5 nose plate just can't handle? Look at this aluminum hand truck with a folding nose extension that allows for easy transport of oversize materials. The dual handle offers the operator multiple hand positions to ergonomically transport your load from point A to point B.
Stair Climber Aluminum Hand Tuck

Model ASC1: Our most functional standard aluminum hand truck, this unit features an extra large folding nose extension for large packages that folds out of way of standard nose plate when the extension is not needed. Unit is also equipped with stair climbing rails that allows the operator to easily pop over curbs, and climb long runs of stairs with ease. Dual handle grips at the top of the unit covered with non-slip hand grips for ergonomic use.
Two in One Convertible Aluminum Hand Trucks
2-in-1 Junior Convertible Aluminum Hand Truck

2-in-1 Senior Convertible Aluminum Hand Truck

800lbs Capacity Industrial Hand Trucks
Industrial Strenght Hand Truck
800-lbs Capacity

Features Model Price
Continuous SHT1 $168
Dual SHT2 $174
Loop SHT3 $176
Shovel Nose Hand Truck
800-lbs Capacity

Features Model Price
Continuous BHT1 $202
Dual BHT2 $204
Loop BHT3 $207
60" Tall Hand Truck w/ Patented Foot Kick
800-lbs Capacity

Features Model Price
Standard Foot Kick THT1 $269
Folding Foot Kick THT2 $285
Bulk Hand Truck
800-lbs Capacity

Overall Height Model Price
54" DHT $636