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DC Graves Order Picking Carts

Industrial Quality, Stock Room Carts, Order Picking Configuration

Perfect for warehouses and stock room operations, order picking carts serve an integral part of any facilities stock picking operation. Available in 3, 4, 5, or 6 shelf models with a variety of shelf sizes and lip configurations there is sure to be a model designed for your needs. Most stock carts can hold up to 3,000-lbs evenly distributed and have 6" diameter casters for a smooth ride. Writing stands, ergonomic handles, and adjustable shelves are some of the available options.

QUICK-SHIP program ensures that any standard model seen below, in your choice of 7 colors, can ship in 7-9 business days from date of order. All these warehouse picking carts are made in the USA.

Order Picking Stock Carts
EA- Three Shelf Stock Truck

3,000-lbs Capacity
EC- Four Shelf Stock Truck

3,000-lbs Capacity
EE - Five Shelf Stock Truck

3,000-lbs Capacity
EG- Six Shelf Stock Truck

3,000-lbs Capacity
EJ- Adjustable Shelf Truck

3,000-lbs Capacity
ES - Mesh Shelf Stock Truck

1,200-lbs Capacity
Order Picking Carts with Writing Stands
EK- Three Shelf w/ Writing Stand

3,000-lbs Capacity
EL- Four Shelf w/ Writing Stand

3,000-lbs Capacity
EM - Five Shelf w/ Writing Stand

3,000-lbs Capacity
Order Picking Carts with Ergonomic Handles
EB- Ergo Three Shelf Stock Cart

3,000-lbs Capacity
ED- Ergo Four Shelf Stock Cart

3,000-lbs Capacity
EF - Ergo Five Shelf Stock Cart

3,000-lbs Capacity
Two Sided Carts

9 models available
Three Sided Carts

19 models available

The above order picking carts are small handful of available carts in our selection. We recommend browsing other cart categories such as two and three sided carts which can also be used in any stock room or order picking operation. We also encourage you to read through our guide below to select the proper cart for your application.

Important Factors in Selecting the Correct Order Picking Cart

  1. Product Access and Control – In simple terms…how do you want to place, store, and pick the products your will be moving on your cart? Open frame stock carts allow the user to access products or put packages onto the shelves from all 4 sides. Two sided carts allow access from both long sides of the cart, and three sided carts allow access from only one side. Each of these options will have an impact of the retention of your products on the cart while in transit. The open frame carts allow the most opportunity for packages to fall off if not stored properly. Conversely, the three sided cart allows for products to enter exit from one side.

    Identifying the best frame construction for your order picking carts will provide the safest working environment for you and your employees. You must identify what provides the best solution for your application, easy access to all shelves and angles, or restricted loading and unloading but the added safety that any package on the shelf will not fall off.

  2. Shelf and Product Clearance – Pretty much a no brainer but it is obviously very important that you select a cart that has the proper vertical clearance between shelves that will allow you to store your packages. Depending on the number of shelves the cart has the clearance will be anywhere between 11” and 17”. Adjustable shelf order picking carts allow the user to dictate what the exact shelf spacing will be. The user can adjust the shelves vertically on 2-1/2” centers, the shelves can be added or subtracted depending on needs.

  3. Handle – Most of our order picking carts can be equipped with three styles of handle, standard push handle, ergonomic push handle, and writing stand handle. The standard push handle extends 6” from the cart that allows the user to grip the handle with a fist. The ergonomic handle provides the picking cart operator with almost a handle style grip which two locations for his hands. The writing stand handle provides the operator with a 12” deep angled steel shelf which can be used for a notepad, etc…