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DC Graves Stock Pallet Rack in MA and NC

48 Hour Quick Ship Stock Pallet Rack in MA and NC

Roll form pallet rack is a steel storage system designed to ease and facilitate the storage of pallets and other heavy materials. Pallet stock racks consists of 3 major components to create 1 storage system, Upright Frames, Step Beams, and Wire Mesh Decks. Upright frames are generally 42" to 48" deep and anywhere from 8' to 20' high and above, using teardrop punches in the face of the vertical column, step beams connect uprights together to create a storage bay with your desired number of shelves. The wire mesh decks waterfall over the front and back edges of the step beams to create a shelf for pallets and other materials to sit on. Contact us for 48 hour quick shipments of our industrial racks for sale to Massachusetts and North Carolina.

48 Hour Quick Ship Items - Ships FOB MA or NC

Non-Stock Pallet Rack Items

Upright Frames: We offer two series of upright frames from our quick ship option, the IU18 and IU24. Both series are constructed using 14 gauge steel and both have a 3" wide face with teardrop holes on both sides up and down the upright on 2" centers. The IU18 series pallet rack upright frame is 3" wide x 1-5/8" deep while the IU24 series uprights are 3" wide x 3" deep. All upright frames utilize a 1-1/2" wide closed-lip horizontal and diagonal braces to protect from damage in transit and fork lift abuse. The pallet rack uprights are finished with a high quality green urethane paint which is environmentally safe and does not contain any lead.

Step Beams: Finished in a orange urethane paint all step beams are 2-1/2" wide with a 1-1/2" deep x 3-/4" wide step. The step provides the capability for the beams to accept wire decks, cross bars, and various other accessories. Beams are offered in various height and capacities ranging from 3" to 6" high. All beams have a 3 pin connector on both sides with a safety clip. The safety clip locks the beam to the upright so the beams will never spring free from the upright ensuring your pallet rack level is safe and secure.

Wire Mesh Decks: Manufactured with 6 gauge pre-galvanized wire and 14 gauge pre-galvanized channel. The wire creates 2" x 4" openings across the decks. The wire decks waterfall 1-1/2" over the front and back of the step beams. All wire decks have a minimum of 3 channels per deck and some larger sizes have 4 channels. The channels sit directly onto the step beam to provide support. Please note that wire decks should NEVER be walked on.