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Plastic storage bins from DC graves come in two different styles to accommodate the storage of small parts, tools, and other small to medium sized items. All of our industrial plastic storage bins are made from high performance polypropylene and are available in six different colors to organize your parts efficiently.

Hanging and Stacking Parts Bins: A wide stacking ridge enable these industrial plastic bins to stack on top of each other or can be hung from louvered panels or steel rails. The open front hopper design allows for easy and fast retrieval of parts contained inside and makes visual inspection of stock easier than traditional tote boxes. All stackable plastic parts bins have front identification label slot so you can add bar codes, id cards, etc. to keep track of your inventory and identify which parts are associated with each bin faster. When hung from bins or rails the front label slot is the only position to label your bin. As the bins cantilevers from the panel there is no shelf supporting it underneath to apply a label.

Shelf Bins: These plastic parts bins are designed to be specifically placed on shelving 12, 18, or 24 inches deep. The new design offers 35% more storage then other shelf bins on the market today. When set up correctly with shelving, the tab on the back end of the shelf bin allows bin to be pulled out from the shelf and dropped down to pick parts from but remains locked to the shelf to prevent spills. This efficient design allows for a high density, low cost storage system in any plant or facility. Shelf bins have dividers available to run along the width or length of the bins creating various storage compartments in each bin. When coupled with a Kanban divider your shelf bin storage system can easily be converted to a low cost inventory control system.

Parts Bins Storage Systems for Parts Bins Shelf Bins

  • Bins are designed to hang on panels or rails.

  • Bins are stackable

  • Available in 12 sizes and 6 colors

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  • Increase efficiency at any workstation.

  • Louvered panels, steel and plastic rails available

  • Mount securely to any workstation or wall

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  • Bins are designed for use with shelving 12", 18", or 24" deep

  • Bins nest when empty to save space

  • Available in 12 sizes, 4" or 6" high, and 4 colors

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