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Although simple in design platform trucks are one of the most effective transporters used across the industry. The low deck and high handle allow the operator to easily transport boxes, packages and other miscellaneous materials across your facility. Capacities range from 1,200-lbs at the low end up to 5,000-lbs for super heavy duty transportation. Available with steel, plastic, or wood decks in various configurations we have a platform cart to meet your needs.

QUICK-SHIP program ensures that any standard model seen below, in your choice of 7 colors, can ship in 7 business days from date of order. All trucks are made in the USA.

Steel Deck Platform Trucks

Deep Box Platform Trucks

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Steel Deck Platform Cart: These flatbed carts offer a firm steel deck typically 9 inches from the ground. The removable tubular steel handle at one end offers the user an ergonomic push station for easy platform cart control. Standard capacity for these platform carts is 1,200-lbs but heavy duty models can offer as much as 5,000-lbs capacity evenly distributed over the deck. Platform cart deck is constructed from 12 gauge steel, and offers a rugged, industrial platform that will handle the abuse in your facility.

Deep Lipped Platform Cart: As the name infers, this line of platform trucks have a welded box on the deck of the truck for retention of your products while in transit. The steel box comes 3, 6, or 12 inches deep for various applications and part sizes. Never again will you have to worry about boxes or small packages falling off while in use.

Raised Deck Platform Cart: The raised deck platform trucks offer an ergonomic deck height typically around 25". This raised deck allows for the movement of materials and goods at a more ergonomic height than standard platform carts, and provides a variety of added benefits. For example, the cart can be used as a pick/pull station where the operator can easily pull and place items on the ergonomic deck.

Twin Handle Platform Truck: Twin handle platform carts or more commonly know as "U-Boats" feature a narrow and long deck with handle on both ends of the truck. This provides the ability to push and pull the platform from either side. When the twin handle cart is used in conjunction with 6 wheels (two rigid in center, swivels at the ends) the cart transforms into a nimble, quick maneuvering flatbed cart that will mover in and out of tight areas with ease.

Plastic Platform Truck: These plastic deck platform carts are made with a heavy piece of structurally molded HDPE plastic. This strong, structural plastic deck is damage and chemical resistant. No more worrying about dents, bumps, and dings typically encountered with steel platform carts.

Wood Platform Truck:Wood deck platform carts offer a more forgiving surface than steel and can better protect materials from impact. All decks are made with 3/4" or 1" thick wood for a sturdy and reliable surface. Choose between, plywood, hardwood, and a superior ironwood deck for heavy items.

Towable Caster Trailers: Quickly linked together into a train of trailer, these order pickers can be used together to move large amounts of material across a production or warehouse floor. The swivel casters under the handle ends of these heavy duty platform carts can swivel full 360 ° for the ultimate maneuverability in tight areas. These trailers can also be used independently from each other for smaller batches.

Folding Platform Cart: The folding handle that returns to the deck allows for a compact size when these carts are not in use and can save you valuable floor space. Folding platform carts are available in steel, aluminum, or stainless steel with a few available options such as pneumatic casters and telescoping handles.