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Quick Ship - Series SR10 - Steel Gravity Roller Conveyor
Capacities - SR10 - Steel Gravity Roller Conveyor
Roller Capacity: 50-lbs per roller
Frame Capacity (supports on 10' centers): 380-lbs evenly distributed live load over 10'
Frame Capacity (supports on 5' centers): 1,350-lbs evenly distributed live load over 5'
Specifications - Quick Ship - Series SR10 - Steel Gravity Roller Conveyor
Frame: 2-1/2" high x 1" wide x 12 gauge powder painted formed steel channels with rugged cross members bolted between channels.
Rollers: 1-3/8" diameter x 18 gauge galvanized steel tube. Rollers set 1/4" high. Rollers equipped with swaged ends to provide a firm bearing seat and rounded ends.
Roller Axles: 1/4" round spring loaded for easy removal and insertion.
Cross Braces: 5' long conveyor sections have two bolt-on cross members and 10' lengths have four.
Couplings: Hook and Rod Couplings when used with tripod supports make this conveyor system easy to put up and take down. For permanent installations get butt couplings in lieu of the hook and rod couplings and use "H" Supports.
Roller Centers: SR10 steel roller conveyors available with rollers on 1.5", 3", 4.5",6", 9' or 12" roller centers.
Overall Conveyor Widths: 12", 18", and 24"
Lengths: Steel roller conveyors are 5' or 10' long as standard. Special lengths up to 10' available.
Finish: Green Powder Coat