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DC Graves Solid Steel and Wire Mesh Security Carts

Industrial Quality, Security Carts, All Welded Protection

For the ultimate in product protection look no further than our industrial line of steel security carts. Available in steel wire mesh for visibility of items inside or fully enclosed steel sides for complete concealment of your valuables. All models can hold 2,000 pounds of material evenly distributed, choose between an open cabinet or up to 2 intermediate shelves. We now offer an adjustable shelf model that can adapt to changing conditions in your factory on the fly.

Welded Steel Mesh Security Carts
No Center Shelves

Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 48" SA19 $780.00
24" x 60" SA21 $880.00
30" x 48" SA24SC $829.00
30" x 60" SA25 $918.00
30" x 72" SA26 $978.00
36" x 60" SA28 $956.00
36" x 72" SA29 $995.00
One Center Shelf

Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 48" SB19 $795.00
24" x 60" SB21 $904.00
30" x 48" SB24 $854.00
30" x 60" SB25 $947.00
30" x 72" SB26 $1070.00
36" x 60" SB28 $1048.00
36" x 72" SB29 $1100.00
Two Center Shelves

Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 48" SC19 $888.00
24" x 60" SC21 $996.00
30" x 48" SC24 $947.00
30" x 60" SC25 $1039.00
30" x 72" SC26 $1200.00
36" x 60" SC28 $1190.00
36" x 72" SC29 $1273.00
Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 48" SJ19 $907.00
24" x 60" SJ21 $1015.00
30" x 48" SJ24 $965.00
30" x 60" SJ25 $1057.00

Rugged all purpose heavy duty mobile storage lockers available as an empty security cart or with one or two welded center shelves. Heavy duty all welded construction features 14 gauge steel shelves with flattened expanded metal with 1-1/2" x 3/4" diamond openings.

  • 2,000-lbs. capacity evenly distributed
  • 56" overall height
  • 46-1/2" vertical clearance inside cabinet with no shelves
  • 22" clearance b/w shelves in one shelf unit, 14" clearance for two shelf unit
  • adjustable shelf unit features a center shelf that can adjust vertically on 3-1/2" centers
  • double swing doors open to a full 270 degrees for complete access
  • doors equipped with pad lockable slide latch
  • 6" x 2" non-marking Polyurethane casters, 2 swivel & 2 rigid as standard. Units can optionally be equipped with Phenolic casters for easier transportation under heavy loads.
  • all wire mesh security cabinets can be equipped with a floor lock to secure the cabinet in position when loading and unloading.
  • please note: doors add 3" to depth and 1" to length to outside dimensions.
  • all mobile storage cabinets ship in 2 weeks
Optional Floor Lock
Available on all Units
Floor lock is mounted between swivel casters and secures cart in position. For more info please CLICK HERE
Standard Caster

Polyurethane casters are non-marking, easy rolling, quiet, and best for varying floor conditions.
Optional Caster
Phenolic casters are extremely hard, recommended for heavy loads, and tend to be noisy. Good on concrete & ceramic tile floors, not recommended for softer tile.
Specialty Welded Mesh Mobile Storage Lockers
SL - Double Sided Cart

3,000-lbs Capacity
Solid Steel Security Carts
SE - One Shelf

2,000-lbs Capacity
SF - Two Shelves

3,000-lbs Capacity
SZ - Adjustable Middle Shelf

1,200-lbs Capacity
DTSC - Dolly Base Security

1,200-lbs Capacity

Wire Mesh Security Carts

Constructed using flattened 13 gauge steel expanded mesh for sides, back. The diamond pattern steel mesh allows for safe storage of valuables but also provides product visibility and air circulation when locked. The wire mesh frame on all steel mesh security carts are 48" high from bottom shelf to the top, 57" overall height.

Solid Steel Security Carts

Constructed using 14 gauge solid steel sheet for sides, back, and doors. The solid steel panels provide inconspicuous storage of your valuables. The solid steel frame on all carts are 48" high from bottom shelf to the top, 57" overall height. Keep in mind, these welded security carts tend to be quite heavier than the mesh security carts.