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DC Graves offers a large assortment of plastic and fiberglass tote boxes for many applications. Some of our selections include divider grid tote boxes, attached lid plastic storage tote, and heavy duty fiberglass stack and nest tote boxes.

Divider Tote Boxes:These plastic tote boxes are manufactured with high density polyethylene and have slots molded into the tote to accept dividers to create individual compartments of varying sizes. Heavy duty storage totes are great for keeping components separated from each other, and can be used to create standard set-ups for manufacturing runs, etc. These heavy duty plastic totes with dividers stack with or without available lids and are lightweight yet durable.

Attached Lid Containers: Just as the name infers, these totes have permanent lids attached that can be flipped down to stack totes when full or be flipped to the side to nest totes together when empty to save space. Plastic totes with lids are great for shipping as they can be returned to the supplier after use and will not break down like cardboard alternatives.

Stack and Nest Containers: Made from heavy-duty injection molded polypropylene, these containers are designed for heavier loads and will not bend or spread. Built for heavy duty applications, they are ideal for inventory control and space efficiency, as they can nest when empty. These reusable containers are unaffected by chemicals and are waterproof. Chrome wire shelving systems are also available with these bins for maximum storage and organiztion.

Wash Boxes High strength wash boxes are specifically designed for washing, drying, and cleaning parts stored inside. Wash boxes are dimension-ally stable and can hold up to 150-lbs per tote. When compared to steel or wire baskets, wash boxes form DC Graves will be more cost effective and our rounded corner design eliminates the safety hazards associated with said steel boxes.

Stack and Nest Containers Divider Tote Boxes Attached Lid Containers

  • Heavy-duty, tough, and dependable.

  • Injection molded high-density polypropylene material.

  • Bins are waterproof and unaffected by chemicals.

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