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DC Graves Two Sided Carts

Industrial Quality, Warehouse Carts, Two Sided Configuration

Perfect for warehouses and stock rooms, two sided carts serve an integral part of any facilities stock picking operation. The two side design allows for double sided access of material on the shelves for easy and efficient order picking. Choose between three different side constructions, wire mesh, solid steel, or slat bars. All welded constructions use 12 gauge steel. Our warehouse carts are rugged, heavy duty, and can handle up to 3,600-lbs of material evenly distributed.

Mesh Sides - Two Side Warehouse Trucks
Two Shelf Mesh Side Truck

Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 48" FA19 $810
24" x 60" FA21 $862
30" x 48" FA24 $869
30" x 60" FA25 $964
Three Shelf Mesh Side Truck

Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 48" FB19 $935
24" x 60" FB21 $1011
30" x 48" FB24 $1009
30" x 60" FB25 $1141
Four Shelf Mesh Side Truck

Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 48" FC19 $1065
24" x 60" FC21 $1180
30" x 48" FC24 $1169
30" x 60" FC25 $1317
Adjustable Shelf Two Sided Truck

Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 48" FJ19 $1033
24" x 60" FJ21 $1088
30" x 48" FJ24 $1094
30" x 60" FJ25 $1172
2-Sided Box Truck

Shelf Size Model Price
18" x 32" FI12 $443
24" x 36" FI17 $501
24" x 48" FI19 $548

Two sided warehouse carts allow operator to load/unload from both sides of the long shelves on the truck. The two mesh or slat ends prevent product slippage and can also be used to hang signs, accessories, etc..Choose between two, three, or four shelf models or the adjustable shelf model whose shelves can be re-positioned, removed, and added back in depending on the product being stored.

  • Expanded metal mesh provides air circulation and high visibility for picking operations
  • Stout 12 gauge steel shelves for heavy duty loads
  • Two way access to all material contained within
  • Non-marking 5" x 1-1/4" or 6" x 2" Polyurethane casters bolt to caster channel under bottom deck
  • Made to order in the USA, carts will ship ready for use in 2-3 weeks
Slat Sides - Narrow Aisle Two Sided Carts
Slat Sides Six Wheel Truck

Shelf Size Model Price
16" x 48" FD12 $685
16" x 60" FD13 $757
16" x 72" FD14 $812
24" x 48" FD19 $805
24" x 60" FD21 $861
Narrow Aisle Picking Cart

Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 48" FE19 $911
24" x 60" FE21 $967
Removable Shelf Narrow Aisle Cart

Shelf Size Model Price
16" x 48" FR12 $698
16" x 60" FR13 $732

Narrow aisle two sided carts are featured with truck widths of 16" or 24", the 16" provide a small footprint to easily maneuver down narrow aisles. The six wheel design features 5" swivel casters at both ends and 8" rigid casters at the center. This configuration ensures the cart can pivot on its own axis and provides zero-turn maneuverability.

  • 2,000-lbs capacity evenly distributed
  • slat side end panels extend 48" above deck
  • bottom deck is 12 gauge steel
  • two way access to all material contained within
  • Polyurethane wheels roll smoothly and are non-marking
  • removable shelf model features top shelf that can be adjusted in 3 positions on the also removable tubular steel handles
  • removable shelf can hold up to 200-lbs
  • flush shelves facilitate easy picking on or off the shelves in tight and confined areas
  • slat side end panels on two sides help to contain product stored within