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Anti-Fatigue Matting

Industrial Rubber Matting to Provide Relief from Fatigue

Anti-fatigue matting from DC Graves can boost worker productivity and morale by providing all day relief for workers from the fatigue of standing at a workstation, CNC machine, welding station, etc...These rubber anti-fatigue mats are made in the USA and carry a 3 year warranty against wear and delamination. DC Graves offers a wide selection of industrial anti-fatigue mats shown below in stock sizes, most mats can also be cut to custom lengths for odd cell sizes. Anti-fatigue matting serves an integral part of many industies such as industrial work cells, service counters, assembly lines, shipping and packaging cells, hospitals and laboratories, and many more.

Diamond Foot
Mat Size Model Price
24" x 36" DF236 $42.00
36" x 60" DF360 $103.00
36" x 120" DF620 $205.00
2' x CUT DF2XC $15 per foot
3' x CUT DF3XC $22 per foot
4' x CUT DF4XC $30 per foot
Supreme Diamond Foot
Mat Size Model Price
24" x 36" SDF236 $52.00
36" x 60" SDF360 $130.00
36" x 120" SDF620 $255.00
2' x CUT SDF2XC $18 per foot
3' x CUT SDF3XC $27 per foot
4' x CUT SDF4XC $36 per foot
Ultimate Diamond Foot
Mat Size Model Price
24" x 36" UDF236 $58.00
36" x 60" UDF360 $145.00
36" x 120" UDF620 $285.00
2' x CUT UDF2XC $20 per foot
3' x CUT UDF3XC $30 per foot
4' x CUT UDF4XC $40 per foot
Diamond Foot - Color Options
Chevron Solid Black Yellow Red
Blue Solid Gray Green Orange

The Diamond Foot series anti-fatigue mat is an industry standard featuring a solid black mat with optional colored borders. The anti-fatigue matting features a rugged vinyl diamond top for traction and wear bonded to a resilient closed cell vinyl foam which creates a plush standing surface for anti-fatigue use. Beveled edges are provided for safety. The top surface resists most chemicals, and is non-flammable