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Series GR - Rod Sides & Back, Three Sided Cart with Sloped Middle Shelf

Heavy duty rod sides & back, three sided cart with sloped middle shelf to prevent items from rolling off.

  • 3,000-lbs capacity evenly distributed
  • 57" overall height
  • 22" clearance b/w shelves
  • sides & back are 48" high, 1/2" rods on 6" centers
  • middle shelf is sloped 1", bottom shelf is flat
  • shelves are 12 gauge steel, flush
  • all welded construction, minus bolt-on casters
  • 6" x 2" Urethane casters, 2 swivel & 2 rigid, bolt on style for easy future replacement
  • ships fully assembled shrink wrapped on a pallet via truck (LTL)
  • ships in 7 business days, after receipt of order, FOB Illinois

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Shelf Size Model Price Weight
24" x 48" GR19 $600.00 180
24" x 60" GR21 $639.00 200
30" x 48" GR24 $667.00 202
30" x 60" GR25 $709.00 232

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Color Options - Standard Color is Gray
Optional Colors, are available at no extra cost and they do not add to the lead time, but all carts ordered with optional colors become
Gray (-G) Black (-BK) Blue (-B) Green (-FG)
Putty (-P) Red (-R) Yellow (-Y)
Caster Options
Y3 - Urethane (Standard) R3- Thermorubber
(2,200-lbs Capacity)
P3 - Phenolic M3 - MoldOn Rubber
(2,000-lbs Capacity)
E3- Steel

Urethane casters are non marking, easy rolling, quiet, and best for varying floor conditions. Thermo Rubber casters are grey non marking, soft rubber for the quietest roll, shock absorption and the best floor protection. Harder to push than other casters under heavy load. Phenolic casters are extremely hard and offer the best in roll ability. These wheels are noisy. Good on concrete & ceramic tile floors, not recommended for softer tile. Mold On Rubber casters are best if there is debris on the floor, these wheels offer a quiet roll. Steel casters are recommended for extreme heat & cold, around chemicals, wood bock & steel floors. Not recommended for concrete floors. High shock & impact resistant.