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55 Gallon Low Truck Drum Dolly

Barrel cart hand truck for the transportation of drums

The Low-Truck Drum Dolly is ideal for moving open full barrels without spilling. Heavy duty mold-on rubber, steel or polyolefin wheels with a 3" swivel caster provide smooth movement and maximum maneuverability over all types of surfaces.

The low truck drum dolly is for use with 55 gallon drums ONLY.

Select a rigid handle (LT model), hinged handle (HLT model), or a 3-way handle (CLT model, folds out for pulling, in for shipping and storage and locks in the vertical position for pushing).

All 55 gallon drum dolly hand truck models have two 6" x 2" load wheels, and one 3" swivel caster. Select between polyolefin, mold-on rubber, or steel wheels.

Low profile frame, with only 1/2" of under clearance, makes loading easy. All welded construction for longer life. Orange enamel finish on all barrel carts.

All CLT, three-way handle models ship via UPS or FedEx. The LT and HLT models must ship via truck (LTL).

All our 55 gallon drum hand truck models are made right here in the U.S.A. and ship from Nebraska. Please call to check stock!

Low Truck Drum Dollies - Click on Model # to Order
Model Handle Type Wheel / Capacity Price Weight
LTP Rigid Polyolefin / 1,200-lbs. $105.00 29-lbs.
HLTP Hinged Polyolefin / 1,200-lbs. $115.00 31-lbs.
CLTP Three-Way Polyolefin / 1,200-lbs. $155.00 41-lbs.
LT4 Rigid Rubber / 1,000-lbs. $115.00 35-lbs.
HLT4 Hinged Rubber / 1,000-lbs. $135.00 37-lbs.
CLT4 Three-Way Rubber / 1,000-lbs. $170.00 48-lbs.
LT8 Rigid Steel / 1,200-lbs. $135.00 35-lbs.
HLT8 Hinged Steel / 1,200-lbs. $155.00 37-lbs.
CLT8 Three-Way Steel / 1,200-lbs. $190.00 48-lbs.