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Lift Rite Altra Pallet Jack

Budget Friendly Industrial Quality Economy Pallet Jack

Altra Economy Lift Rite Pallet Truck

Light on Cost, Heavy on Muscle

The Altra manual hand pallet truck is an economic, budget friendly pallet jack manufactured by the Lift Rite Corporation. The discount pallet jack is available with narrow 20.5" forks or standard 27" wide forks. Adjustable tubular push rods and self-lubricating bushings at all pivot points help improve warehouse efficiency and minimize down time. The Lift-Rite pallet truck is ideal for light duty, single shift operations such as city truck deliveries, small machine shops and warehouses, and schools. For heavy duty, multi-shift operations please refer to our Titan hand pallet truck for longer lasting durability and strength.

Poly on Steel Core Steer & Load Wheels
Ergonomic Loop Handle w/ 3 Position Lever
6.25" Wide Steel Forks
Model Fork Size (W x L) Price Weight
Narrow Width Fork Models
A523AYE3 20.5" x 36" $516.00 142-lbs.
A522AYE3 20.5" x 42" $516.00 147-lbs.
A521AYE3 20.5" x 48" $516.00 152-lbs.
Standard Width Fork Models
A513AYE3 27" x 36" $526.00 147-lbs.
A512AYE3 27" x 42" $526.00 157-lbs.
A511AYE3 27" x 48" $530.00 167-lbs.
Capacity: 5,500-lbs.
Fork Width: 6-1/4"
Lowered Height: 3"
Raised Height: 7-3/4"
Steer Wheels: 7" Diameter
Load Wheels: 3" Diameter
Wheel Type: Polyurethane
Color: Yellow