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Spill Containment Platforms | Heavy Duty Steel Platforms and Carts for Drums

Industrial storage equipment for spill control and containment

Satisfy your secondary containment requirements with our selection of drum spill containment platforms, carts, and containment stations.

Spill Containment Platforms
Drum Rack Dispensing Station

Spill Containment Platforms

Mobile Spill Containment Carts

IBC Containment and Dispensing Station

Spill Containment Drum Rack Dispensing Station

This drum rack spill containment station is designed to store either one or two 55 gallon drums, the drum will sit above the sump on drum cradles at a height that leaves room for liquids to be dispensed. All welded construction using heavy gauge steel ensures a quality product that will endure.

Both models feature 4 way fork truck access enabling the unit to be easily moved to new locations using a fork truck or pallet jack. These models will help clean up dispensing stations on your factory floor, the sump basin at the bottom of the container is watertight and will collect any extraneous liquids that may have spilled.

Spill Containment Drum Rack
Model W x D x H Drum Capacity Sump Capacity Weight Price
SPDR1 26" x 51" x 22" 1 Drum 33 Gallons 105-lbs. $837
SPDR2 51" x 51" x 22" 2 Drums 66 Gallons 170-lbs. $1196
Spill Containment Platforms - Forklift-able with Feet and Low Profile Models

Heavy duty all welded steel spill containment platforms will outlast and outperform less expensive plastic options available elsewhere. The rugged construction will hold up when plastic options will not suffice for your application. Platform drum spill containment basins are available with feet providing 4 way fork truck access and the ability to easily move the platforms throughout your facility. Low profile models will sit directly on the floor and provide a lower deck height making loading drum easier.

All these secondary containment for drums feature removable welded steel bar grating which sits on top of the sump and provides a durable surface for your drums to rest on. The removable bar grating makes clean-up simple and easy. The sump will collect any liquids that drop through the bar grating and is welded watertight.

Spill Containment Platform Pricing - Forklift Models
Model W x D x H Drum / Sump Capacity Load Capacity Weight Price
SCP233 51" x 25" x 10.5" 2 Drums / 33 Gallons 2,000-lbs. 138-lbs. $801
SCP266 51" x 25" x 16" 2 Drums / 66 Gallons 2,000-lbs. 171-lbs. $1007
SCP466 51" x 51" x 10.5" 4 Drums / 66 Gallons 4,000-lbs. 259-lbs. $1399
SCP699 76" x 51" x 10.5" 6 Drums / 99 Gallons 6,000-lbs. 381-lbs. $1905
SCP-DR 42" x 33" x 10.5" Drum Ramp 95-lbs. $712
Spill Containment Platform Pricing - Low Profile Models (No Feet)
Model W x D x H Drum / Sump Capacity Load Capacity Weight Price
SCL233 51" x 25" x 6.5" 2 Drums / 33 Gallons 2,000-lbs. 125-lbs. $734
SCL266 51" x 25" x 12" 2 Drums / 66 Gallons 2,000-lbs. 158-lbs. $944
SCL466 51" x 51" x 6.5" 4 Drums / 66 Gallons 4,000-lbs. 233-lbs. $1269
SCL699 76" x 51" x 6.5" 6 Drums / 99 Gallons 6,000-lbs. 358-lbs. $1872
SCL-DR 42" x 33" x 6.5" Drum Ramp 70-lbs. $506
Mobile Spill Containment Carts

Our mobile spill containment carts allow you to transport two or four 55 gallon drums at a time. Same design and construction of the spill containment platforms but with additional 6" x 2" chemical resistant polyurethane casters with either wheel brakes or a floor lock, and push bar. The removable push bar extends 25" above the removable bar grating deck.

Mobile Spill Containment Carts
Model W x D x H Drum / Sump Capacity Load Capacity Weight Price
SCM2 51" x 26" x 14" 2 Drums / 33 Gallons 3,000-lbs. 170-lbs. $1094
SCM4 51" x 51" x 15.5" 4 Drums / 66 Gallons 3,000-lbs. 341-lbs. $1681