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Titan Pallet Jack

High Performance Titan Pallet Jack

Titan - Hand Pallet Truck

Heavy Duty Workhorse, Superior Hydraulic Pump

The high performance manual Titan pallet jack delivers time and time again. The superior quality, European made hydraulic hand pallet jack pump is cast in one-piece to keep oil in the pump and off your floor. The lowering valve and cartridge provides precise lowering control when compared to others pallet jacks for sale. This industrial workhorse is ideal for high throughput, multiple shift operations, the Titan pallet jack is a must have tool for any loading dock or pallet moving operation. High quality thrust load ball bearing and plate equipped with grease fittings makes load steering easier and increasing worker productivity.

Superior Quality Hydraulic Pump
One-Piece Cast Construction, No Leaks!
Black Nylon Steer & Load Wheels
Precision Lowering Control
Model Fork Size (W x L) Price Weight
Narrow Fork Models
L5B3LY00 16" x 36" $640 136-lbs.
L523LY00 20.5" x 36" $640 142-lbs.
L522LY00 20.5" x 42" $635 147-lbs.
L521LY00 20.5" x 48" $640 152-lbs.
Standard Fork Models
L51ELY00 27" x 32" $658 145-lbs.
L513LY00 27" x 36" $647 147-lbs.
L512LY00 27" x 42" $647 157-lbs.
L511LY00 27" x 48" $647 167-lbs.
Capacity: 5,500-lbs.
Fork Width: 7"
Lowered Height: 3"
Raised Height: 7-3/4"
Steer Wheels: 7" Diameter
Load Wheels: 3" Diameter
Wheel Type: Nylon
Color: Yellow