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Folding Security Gates

Steel Folding Security Gates, Made in the USA, Galvanized Steel

The Only Folding Security Gates Made With Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel. They'll withstand any type of weather like heat, rain and snow. They also stand up to harsh industrial chemicals and cleaners.

We Rivet Our Gates Back to Back with Aircraft Quality Aluminum Rivets. They'll hold up to more stress, they won't rust — ever — and they won't crack and the webbing won't separate

Folding Security Gates Are Hinged and Can Be Mounted Left or Right — they collapse and pivot completely out of the way, providing safe door openings, 100% clear of obstructions

Folding Security Gates from DC Graves are perfect for securing high-traffic hallways or entryways in any type of business or industry. These accordion security gates pivot on hinges, so they open in or out, just like a door, but also provide the enhanced air circulation and visibility of standard steel folding gates.

By providing added light and better air circulation you'll save on air conditioning costs. Plus the increased security of folding security gates means less theft and reduced loss prevention costs. And that means a healthier workplace, a safer school, and a more secure warehouse.

Steel Folding Security Gates
Folding Door Gates

For doors up to 48" wide

Gates heights from 31" to 83

can be mounted to lock to right or left side of door
Single Folding Gate

(1) panel extends to lock bar

Gate widths from 3' to 12'

Heights from 6' - 8'
Double Folding Gate

(2) panels meet in center

Gate widths from 6' to 24'

Heights from 6' - 8'
Storefront Security Gates

Protect any storefront

  • 4 styles available

    Inside or outside placement
  • Portable Barrier Security Gates
    Steel Aisle Barrier

    Safety Yellow Finish

    (1) gate size: 40" H x 84" W

    Gates link together
    Aluminum Aisle Barrier

    Silver Aluminum Finish

    (1) gate size: 42" H x 84" W

    Gates link together
    Powder Coat Barrier Gate

    Safety Yellow & Black Finish

    (1) gate height: 48"

    Gates link together
    Portable Gates

    100% galvanized steel

    Gate Heights from 6' - 8'

    Gates link together

    Folding Door Gate: The folding door gate from DC Graves will fit any door up to 48' wide. With over 18 different height ranges, there is surely a gate to fit your door. These accordion style security gates are built to be reversible, can be locked to the right side of the door, or can be flipped to lock to the left side. These gates are perfect for any industrial, commercial, retail, or warehouse door.

    Single Folding Gate: For use with openings 3' to 12' wide, as the name infers the single folding gate has one piece that extends to the opposite wall to secure the gate to a lock bar with a padlock. Single folding gates will lock to the right side as standard and can be built to lock left upon request for no additional charge.

    Double Folding Gate: Also know as pair or bi-fold, double folding gates have two pieces of scissor style gates which meet in the center of your opening. These gates are designed for openings 6' to 24' wide.

    Storefront Security Gate: Designed to protect your retail or commercial storefront from theft. We offer four different style security gates for businesses to protect your merchandise. Select between top or bottom track, both top and bottom track, or a hybrid gate that will fold out of the way to preserve a clean aesthetic to your storefront.

    Aisle Barriers: Available in steel or aluminum, these lightweight gates are easy to move and set-up. These aisle barrier gates can extend up to 84" and can be linked together to create a longer gate to cordon off an area or work space.

    Portable Security Gates: Perfect for short term access control, the portable gates from DC Graves have casters to make them completely mobile and can also be locked down to walls and other obstacles to create a strong barrier. Portable accordion gates can be used virtually anywhere, including, sealing school hallways, closing elevator banks, restricting access in offices, factories or warehouses. And they're easy to collapse, allowing open, easy access again. And when collapsed they'll go through any doorway and can be stored in a closet.