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Storefront Security Gates

Storefront security gates are an economical solution to after hours security, providing stress-free storefront protection from smash and grabs and casual break-ins.

Our retractable security gates stand up to 4-season weather like heat, rain and snow and they won't be harmed by harsh industrial chemicals and cleaners. With a galvanized finish, these Storefront Expandable Gates are virtually maintenance free, delivering the best in security with a lower cost of ownership.

We can build a Custom Store Security Gate for any application. Our Store Security Gates can protect a single access point or the entire facade of a store front

Call or Email for a Quote - 800-969-0779 - sales@dcgraves.com

Call or Email for a Quote - 800-969-0779 - sales@dcgraves.com

  • Four Gate Styles to Fit any Application - no matter what kind of storefront you have we can find a gate to suit your needs or build one custom.

  • Top Track Storefront Security Gates: Engineered to allow the gate to be hung much like a curtain across any storefront length or span, Top Track Gates will always remain within the track. Recommended for retail store fronts with openings over 20 feet wide, these retail security gates can be used to secure several hundred feet.

  • Bottom Track Storefront Security Gates: Designed to provide a more stable and secure gate installation along the inside of store front windows, these gates utilize a continuous frame for structural strength and stability. Security gates using a bottom track design can be made to pivot out of the opening and to swing flat remaining virtually invisible while not in use — customers will never know they are there.

  • Hybrid Storefront Security Gates: Designed with a continuous frame, utilizing vertical bars and traditional scissor style webbing providing total coverage and superior support. Each gate is built custom to fit customer's required application and desired aesthetic.

Call or Email for a Quote - 800-969-0779 - sales@dcgraves.com