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Mobile Workbench, Fixed and Adjustable Height Workbenches

DC Graves offers a vast selection of heavy duty work tables and workbenches suited for a variety of industrial applications. Our industrial workbenches and tables are constructed using high strength steel and offer capacities up to 15,000 pounds per workbench. The rugged, welded construction of the tables and workbench will provide you with a sturdy workbench that will last for years. Optional accessories include riser shelves, power strips, overhead light fixtures, plastic bins, louvered panels, and more. Accessories allow the user to create a unique machine shop workbench designed for its own specific application, when designed correctly a proper heavy duty industrial workbench will improve worker efficiency and productivity.

All Purpose Industrial Workbenches - Height Adjustable Workshop Benches
Steel Top Workbench

Plastic Laminate Top Workbench

Butcher Block Top Workbench

Compressed Wood Top Workbench

Workbench Accessories

Workshop benches are a component based, knocked down workbench system. Each unit consists of your choice of bench top, (2) or (3) adjustable legs depending on bench top size, and (1) stringer to tie the legs together for stability. Units come either 30" or 36" deep with your choice of 48", 60", 72", or 96" work surface widths.

  • All units ship knocked down (assembly required)
  • Lower overall costs compared to welded units
  • Many accessories available to customize your bench
  • Made in the USA
All Welded Heavy Duty Workbenches and Machine Tables
Fixed Height Workbench
3-5K# Capacity

Heavy Duty Workbenches
10K# Capacity

Super Duty Workbenches
15K# Capacity

Fixed Height Workbench: As the name infers these workbenches have a fixed work surface height of 36". This fixed height provides an ergonomic working height for most users. Depending on the size of the work surface selected, capacities will range from 3,000 to 5,000 pounds uniformly distributed over the top. These workbenches are ideal for most light to medium duty industrial applications and the one-piece all welded construction provides a strong and durable workbench.

Adjustable Height Workbench: The top work surface on the adjustable height workbench adjusts within a range of 27" to 41" on 2" centers. This height adjust-ability permits the user to change height of the workbench to fit specific job needs. For example, an adjustable height bench can be modified accommodate the height various heights of workers in a factory where there is a two shift operation.

Heavy Duty Workbench: Built with a 7 gauge steel top this line of workbenches can hold up to 10,000 pounds of material evenly distributed over the top work surface. These benches were designed for heavy industrial applications where strength and form are the utmost importance. The high strength design can support cabinets, smaller machines and other heavy items to be placed directly on top of the bench placing them at an ergonomic height and keeping them off the floor.

Super Duty Workbench: Our most rugged workbench available, the super duty workbench can support up to 15,000 pounds of material. The frame of the bench is constructed using structural C channels and the 7 gauge steel top is welded to the frame with gussets for extra support. The super duty workbench is available in 3 different shelf sizes and all models have a fixed work surface height of 34".

Butcher Block Workbench: All models feature a 1-3/4" thick quality butcher block top work surface. The butcher block top provides a more forgiving and attractive work surface when compared to steel. Capacities in this line of workbenches are 2,000 or 3,000 pounds depending on the particular model selected.

Mobile Workbench: our mobile workbench can be configured with 6" or 8" high casters offering capacities of 3,600 and 5,000 pounds respectively. A floor lock mounted on one end of the unit allows the user to maneuver the workbench into its desired location and lock the unit down so it cannot move. The mobile workbench is perfect for for eliminating down time when benches benches need to moved and greatly increases worker productivity. In essence, the mobile workbench acts a mobile table in a large size, form, and function.

Knock-Down Workbenches: Great for production and assembly lines, these knock-down tables are easily assembled and disassembled, perfect for clearing and saving space in your facility. Choose between 32-1/2" or 34-1/2" tables with 3,000-lbs. capacity.

Machine Table: We offer a large selection of all welded steel machine tables including two and three shelf units, tables with drawers, and machine table workstations with a flush front edge. The one-piece all welded design creates a very sturdy steel table which can support up to 2,000 or 10,000 pounds dependent on the model selected.