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Vertical Panel Carts and Pipe Carts

Welded steel carts for the handling of panels, pipes, and bars

Our selection of panel, bar and pipe carts allow users to efficiently move such materials in a safe and ergonomic manner and will greatly boost worker productivity. These carts can be used in various settings such as schools, offices, construction sites and warehouse floors.

Vertical panel carts typically have removable dividers that extend up from the steel, wood, or carpeted deck that allows user to store and transport panels such as drywall, plywood, and other board like material. Sockets welded to the end of either side of the cart accept the 1-1/4" diameter steel tubes dividers which act as the support point for your panels. Dividers come in various heights and can be re-configured from standard set ups upon your request.

Bar and pipe carts transport your material in the horizontal position to maintain operators safety and ensure that your load does not shift during transport. We offer various models from a single bar cradles, to heavy duty cradles with capacities up to 10,000 pounds. Our cantilever bar cradle truck is very popular and allows for storage on two sides of a vertical upright frame on arms that extend from the upright.

Vertical Panel Carts
LC - Open Deck Three Divider Cart

LD - Wood Deck Three Divider Cart

LE - Carpet End Three Divider Cart

LA - Steel Deck Panel Cart

LB - Wood Deck Panel Cart

LY - Carpet Rail Panel Cart

LF - Fixed Divider Panel Cart

LO - Two Divider, Wood Deck

LP - Two Divider, Steel Deck

LN - Convertible Panel Cart

LM - Perforated Deck Panel Cart

LV - Six Wheel Panel Truck

Series LG - A Frame Cart

Series LH - Drywall Cart

Series LJ - Removable Tray Truck

Bar and Pipe Carts
LR - Bar Cradle Cart

LQ - 5,000# Bar Cradle Cart

LZ - 10,000# Bar Cradle Cart

LL - Cantilever Pipe Cart

LT - Cantilever Pipe Cart