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Vertical Panel Carts and Pipe Carts

Welded steel carts for the handling of panels, pipes, and bars

Our selection of panel, bar and pipe carts allow users to efficiently move such materials in a safe and ergonomic manner and will greatly boost worker productivity. These bar, pipe, and panel carts for sale can be used in various settings such as schools, offices, construction sites and warehouse floors.

Vertical panel carts typically have removable dividers that extend up from the steel, wood, or carpeted deck that allows user to store and transport panels such as drywall, plywood, and other board like material. Sockets welded to the end of either side of the cart accept the 1-1/4" diameter steel tubes dividers which act as the support point for your panels. Dividers come in various heights and can be re-configured from standard set ups upon your request.

Bar and pipe carts transport your material in the horizontal position to maintain operators safety and ensure that your load does not shift during transport. We offer various models from a single bar cradles, to heavy duty cradles with capacities up to 10,000 pounds. Our cantilever bar cradle truck is very popular and allows for storage on two sides of a vertical upright frame on arms that extend from the upright.

Vertical Panel Carts
Wood End Panel Truck

Deck Size Model Price
24" x 36" LD17 $336
Carpet End Panel Truck

Deck Size Model Price
24" x 36" LE17 $360
Open Deck Panel Cart

Deck Size Model Price
28" x 31" LC31 $517
Carpet End Panel Mover

Deck Size Model Price
28" x 31" LE31 $571
Mobile Vertical Bar Rack

Deck Size Model Price
36" x 36" LYL23 $792
36" x 48" LYL27 $848
36" x 60" LYL28 $912

These small vertical panel movers are ideal for lightweight applications and tight areas. The small foot print and all swivel casters allows the carts to maneuver efficiently in most settings. each cart has 3 sockets welded to the bottom deck to accept tubular dividers to segregate boards, panels, wood, etc..

  • 1000-lbs capacity evenly distributed
  • 24" x 36" or 28" x 31" bottom deck size
  • tubular dividers extend 27" above deck
  • 24 x 36 models have 9-1/2" load space between dividers
  • 28 x 31 models have 12" load space between dividers
  • choose between open deck frame or models with carpet of wood ends to keep product of steel deck
  • tubular steel frame is all welded for lasting use
Adjustable Sheet & Panel Handling Trucks
Steel Deck Adjustable Panel Truck

Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 36" LA17 $597
24" x 48" LA19 $639
24" x 60" LA21 $683
30" x 48" LA24 $671
30" x 60" LA25 $721
30" x 72" LA26 $773
36" x 60" LA28 $762
36" x 72" LA29 $815

Ideal for large quantities of plywood, drywall, sheet metal, and many other sheet or panel materials and cylindrical goods. These heavy duty sheet and panel truck carts are highly versatile and adaptable. Units come as standard with (2) heavy duty steel dividers with welded a welded mid rail. These dividers can be positioned in any of 4 sockets welded to the end of the bottom deck. The bottom deck is made from high strength 12 gauge steel to offer a load capacity of 3,600-lbs evenly distributed. Additional divider rails can be purchased to add more carrying capacity, in addition we offer push bar handles and a lip attachment to secure panels while in transit and maintain them in place.

  • 3,600-lbs capacity evenly distributed
  • offered in 8 different deck sizes for varying size panels
  • heavy duty dividers extend 27" above deck
  • 6" x 2" non-marking Polyurethane casters standard
  • 12 gauge steel bottom deck, powder coated gray
  • tubular dividers with mid rail powder coated blue
  • additional divider uprights, pushbar handles, and lip attachments available
  • perfect for jobsites, schools, warehouses or any facility where large bulky materials need to be frequently transported
  • when not in use as a panel mover, these trucks can be converted to platform trucks with the addition of a push bar handle
  • all heavy duty panel trucks are made to order in the USA
  • also available with a six-wheel configuration or perforated deck, see below for more info
Additional Divider Uprights

Fits Deck Model Price
36" Long 36DIV $86
48" Long 48DIV $102
60" Long 60DIV $119
72" Long 72DIV $137
Push Bar Handles

Fits Deck Model Price
24" Wide 24PB CALL
30" Wide 30PB CALL
36" Wide 36PB CALL
Lip Attachments - 1-1/2" High

Fits Deck Model Price
36" Long 36LIP CALL
48" Long 48LIP CALL
60" Long 60LIP CALL
72" Long 72LIP CALL
Six Wheel Adjustable Panel Truck

Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 48" LV19 $732
24" x 60" LV21 $771
30" x 48" LV24 $767
30" x 60" LV25 $811
30" x 72" LV26 $855
36" x 60" LV28 $851
36" x 72" LV29 $901
Perforated Deck Panel Truck

Shelf Size Model Price
24" x 36" LM17 $603
24" x 48" LM19 $645

These optional decks styles add more versatility to the adjustable deck panel truck series. Choose between a six wheel deck for improved mobility in tight spaces, or the perforated deck option to improve airflow to sheets being moved and will allow any liquid that has collected on the deck to drain through.

Fixed Divider Panel Cart - Lumber and Roll Goods Transport Carts
Roll Goods Cart

Deck Size Model Price
24" x 60" LW21 $683
30" x 60" LW25 $721
Fixed Divider Lumber Cart

Deck Size Model Price
24" x 48" LF19 $680
30" x 48" LF24 $713

Fixed divider lumber and panel carts have heavy duty divider uprights welded into place to create storage pockets for sheets, boards, etc...The roll good transport carts feature an open frame with 48" high dividers where roll good such as carpet, sheets, of plastic or other cylindrical material can be securely stored. The two outside dividers feature a welded cross brace for additional strength and rigidity.

"A" Frame Sheet and Panel Moving Trucks
A Frame Panel Truck

Deck Size Model Price
24" x 36" LG17 $473
24" x 48" LG19 $513
24" x 60" LG21 $554
30" x 48" LG24 $543
30" x 60" LG25 $591
30" x 72" LG26 $640
36" x 72" LG29 $679
A Frame Panel Truck w/ 6 Wheel Design

Deck Size Model Price
24" x 36" LGW17 $546
24" x 48" LGW19 $588
24" x 60" LGW21 $633
30" x 48" LGW24 $627
30" x 60" LGW25 $677
30" x 72" LGW26 $728
36" x 72" LGW29 $773
A Frame Truck w/ Storage Shelves

Deck Size Model Price
24" x 36" LGS17 $721
24" x 48" LGS19 $776
24" x 60" LGS21 $837

The "A" frame panel truck is a versatile sheet mover. The double sided design allows the user to store and transport plywood, panels, etc...on both sides of the cart to maximize efficiency. In addition, the center of the A frame can be utilized to storage of bars, pipe, and other cylindrical or smaller objects. When selecting the proper size A frame cart please keep a few important details in mind. Sheets and panels can overhang either end of the cart but make please make sure you never transport boards more than two times the length of the cart as it makes moving the cart difficult and very tedious to maneuver corners and other tight areas. The A frame cart is available in three widths, 24", 30" and 36" wide. Each cart with those widths have 6", 9", or 12" deck space on both sides of the A frame respectively. This usable width will determine how many panels you can move at a time.

  • 2,000 - 3,600-lbs capacity evenly distributed
  • Offered in up to 7 different deck sizes for varying size panels
  • 1-1/2" Retaining lips on each side
  • 6" x 2" Polyurethane or phenolic casters
  • 12 Gauge steel bottom deck, powder coated gray
  • All products proudly made in the USA
A Frame Adjustable Bar Rack

Deck Size Model Price
36" x 40" LGB27 $735
A Frame Adjustable Shelf Rack

Deck Size Model Price
36" x 40" LGR27 $835
Drywall Carts
Drywall Cart

Deck Size Model Price
24" x 44" LH19 $545
Drywall Cart w/ Bumper Frame

Deck Size Model Price
14" x 44" LHB19 $563
Bar Cradle Trucks
Ergonomic Bar Cradle Truck
3,000-lbs Capacity - Three Sizes

Bed Size Model Price
24" x 24" LR15 $389
24" x 36" LR17 $406
24" x 48" LR19 $425

We offer a large selection of bar cradle trucks to handle heavy duty pipe, bar stock, and other long objects.

Please click HERE for more detailed information
Low Deck Bar Cradle Truck
10,000-lbs Capacity - 8' Long

Size Model Price
30" x 96" LZ2 $1,253
Structural Bar Cradle Truck
10,000-lbs Cap. - 10' & 12' Long

Size Model Price
28" x 120" LZ10 $1,090
28" x 144" LZ12 $1,270
Big Wheel Cradle Truck
Move pipe up to 20" diameter

Size Model Price
12" x 12" LWT1 $375
Cantilever Bar & Pipe Cart
Cantilever Pipe Cart
4 Swivel Wheels w/ Brakes

Deck Size Model Price
30" x 48" LL24 $1,006
30" x 60" LL25 $1,019
30" x 72" LL26 $1,089
36" x 48" LL27 $1,056
36" x 60" LL28 $1,132
36" x 72" LL29 $1,186
Cantilever Pipe Truck
2 Rigid, 2 Swivel w/ Floor Lock

Shelf Size Model Price
30" x 48" LL24-FL $1,000
30" x 60" LL25-FL $1,013
30" x 72" LL26-FL $1,084
36" x 48" LL27-FL $1,050
36" x 60" LL28-FL $1,134
36" x 72" LL29-FL $1,181
Cantilever Cart w/ 3 Uprights

Shelf Size Model Price
36" x 72" LT29 $1,394
36" x 84" LT31 $1,454
Heavy Duty Cantilever Pipe Cart

Shelf Size Model Price
36" x 72" LT29-FL $1,388
36" x 84" LT31-FL $1,449
Single Sided Cantilever Pipe Truck
Removable End Stops

Deck Size Model Price
24" x 48" WCR19M $1,138
30" x 60" WCR25M $1,255