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Ergonomic Bed Height Bar Cradle Truck

Heavy duty bar cradle cart for the storage and transportation of bar, pipe and other long heavy materials. Units feature an ergonomic bed height of 20". All our pipe moving carts have swivel casters that provide precision turning and greater mobility around corners and in tight areas.

  • 3,000-lbs capacity
  • 34" overall height
  • all units have cradles 21" wide x 14" high
  • 3 different size units available, all 24" overall width
  • ergonomic bed height of 20"
  • all welded construction
  • 6" x 2" Phenolic casters, All Swivel
  • ships fully assembled shrinkwrapped on a pallet via truck (LTL)
Model Bed Size Price Weight
LR15 24" x 24" $408 75-lbs.
LR17 24" x 36" $448 83-lbs.
LR19 24" x 48" $478 91-lbs.
Low Deck Bar Cradle Truck
Model LZ2 - Low Deck Bar Cradle Truck
10,000-lbs Capacity

These heavy duty bar cradle trucks are offered with 5,000 or 10,000 pounds capacity. Built strong with a 3" or 4" steel channel frame our bar cradle truck can handle almost any job you throw at it. The 6 wheel caster design ensures easy maneuverability within your facility. These pipe dolly trucks are typically used for extremely heavy bar and pipe transportation, the rugged quality and construction will ensure years of use in harsh conditions.

  • 10,000-lbs capacity
  • all bar and pipe cradle truck have cradles 27" wide x 14" high
  • 3" wide x 3/16" thick load supports on all units
  • all units are 30" wide available in 2 lengths
  • 10k units come with 4 cradles
  • all units have swivel casters on ends and rigid casters in center, all casters are Phenolic
Model Dimensions
W x L
Cradle Size
W x H
LZ2 30" x 96" 27" x 14" $1253
Structural Bar Cradle Trucks for Extreme Length Pipe and Bar
Framed with a structural channel these extra long pipe and bar transporters are available 10' or 12' long. These trucks are big and heavy never use these trucks on ramps, slopes, or any kind of inclined surface.

  • 10,000-lbs capacity
  • cradles 28" wide x 13" high
  • all units are 28" wide x 29" high
  • select between 120" or 144" long beds
  • 12" x 3" Phenolic rigid casters provide supreme support
Model Dimensions
W x L x H
# of Cradles Price
LZ10 28" x 120" x 29" 4 $1090.00
LZ12 28" x 144" x 29" 5 $1270.00

Important Egro Height Truck Product Info: These pipe dolly trucks from DC Graves are an excellent material handling cart for transporting bars, pipes, steel rods, and other long heavy objects. But when used improperly, the bar cradle cart can impose danger to the operator and others in the adjacent areas. Please read the following guidelines below to ensure proper use and selection of correct cart.

Using a Single Bar Cradle Cart: Often times many applications require only one bar cradle cart to properly transport your stock materials. First off, when using a single cart your load must always be centered on the cart and the bar or pipe must have its weight evenly distributed over its entire length. Never transport unbalanced materials only using single cradle cart. If you are transporting materials that have weight concentrated to one side your load will be prone to falling off. We offer (3) different lengths of carts 24", 36", and 48" long. We recommend that you never transport materials 3 times longer than the length of your cart. This will ensure that the weight of the materials is properly balanced and will not bow or sage at the ends. Finally, always be sure to stay within load capacities limits.

Using Two or More Bar Cradle Cart: Using multiple bar cradle carts allows the operator to store and transport much longer lengths of materials. Additionally, with each cradle cart you add under your load your capacity increases by 3,000 pounds. Multiple pipe dolly trucks must be used when storing unbalanced pipe. For example, iron duct pipes with a flange on one end. It is best practice to evenly distribute the cradle carts under your load to avoid sagging and bowing of materials that may bend.

LQ Series - 5,000-lbs Capacity - Bar Cradle Truck: This model features an all welded steel frame using 3" structural channel. All pipe dolly trucks come with 3 cradles evenly spaced one at each end and one in the center. All swivel 6" Phenolic casters at both ends and larger 10" rigid casters in the middle allow for the unit to be maneuvered with ease throughout your facility.

LZ Series 10,000-lbs Capacity - Bar Cradle Truck: Super heavy duty bar transporter constructed with 4" structural channel frame. Each unit comes with 4 cradles welded to the 4" frame for superior strength and durability. This line of bar cradle truck offers 8" swivel casters at the ends and 12" centers casters for easy transportation even under the heaviest loads.

Low Bed Height: The two bar cradle trucks have low bed heights of 14" and 16" respectively. This low profile design facilitates easier loading of heavy materials as they do not need to be lifted very high off the floor. In addition, if something were to occur during transit and your load spills out of the bed the material would not fall from a height greater than 16" limiting the potential danger from high impact falls.