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DC Graves proudly offers Sovella Workstations

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Manufactured to the highest quality standards, Sovella Workstations provide a functional, ergonomic, and attractive work area for any setting. A broad line of workstations and accessories provides the ideal solution in industries such as Electronics, Laboratory & Education, Healthcare, Aerospace/Defense, Pick/Ship Operations, and Manufacturing.

The frame of the workstation forms the key first building block of any workstation. Sovella offers four unique options to cover all customer segments. The Concept, Workshop, TL Advantage, and Cornerstone. Find more industrial workbenches that may suit your industries needs.

Concept: these workstations are designed for the specifications of high-tech, laboratory, and electronics business sectors where ergonomic functionality demands attention. The concept frame offers height adjustability in all models, choose between manual, hand crank, or motor power adjustments. The concept offers two weight capacities 440 and 1100 pounds, for light and heavy duty applications. The concept has two base legs which cantilever out under the shelf. Concept workstations can also be configured for ESD Protection for applications with sensitive materials.

Workshop: More of a traditional four leg workstation, the workshop is designed to handle the most demanding, heavy duty applications. With 1650-lbs capacity, the Workshop is a rugged, industrial workstation whose strength and durability will benefit any user. Although the Workshop is built for industrial use there are many accessories and components that can be added to this line to create the perfect workstation for any workshop.

TL Advantage: Think of the Tower Line Advantage series as a workstation system not just a singular workstation. The TL Advatage line is a flexible, modular workstation system that is frequently be used is R & D, Laboratories, and Education. The TL line uses modular uprights as the heart of the workstation, the upright can be configured to be used on only one or both sides, and can be used as common intermediate supports for a line of workstations.

Cornerstone: As the name infers, the Cornerstone is the original, economical, workstation from Sovella. The Cornerstone workstation suits a broad range of tasks including testing, packing, and shipping. A strong capacity of 1,500 pounds is achieved through the stable steel base. The slotted base allows for the addition of components to suit your needs.