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Kitbin Shipping Container MACX Bulk Bin

Bulk Containers

Heavy Duty Bulk Bins | Plastic Bulk Containers

The high-impact resistant bins and bulk containers are engineered to endure the most challenging industrial environments. Bulk containers from DC Graves can be used in a various methods across many industries including storage, transportation, work in process, etc...

  • Built for Industrial Use: Bulk containers are rugged, heavy duty, impact-resistant, temperature-resistant, weather-resistant, and rot-resistant. Simply put, these industrial containers will perform in any environment

  • Multiple Options and Customization: Various standard size choices with the ability to custom build your bulk bins to fit your requirements. Bins are available in 7 color choices and can be special ordered for a custom color match (minimum orders apply). In addition, we can add all sorts of functional options to your containers such as lids, removable doors, drains, RFID tracking, casters, locks, etc...
  • Compact and Stackable: All bins are stackable and either nest or break down to store inside each other when not in use.

  • Designed with Longevity and Safety: Smooth surfaces and rounded corners safeguard your valuable contents from damage in storage and transportation. All bulk containers are maintenance free and will stand up to repeated power washing or steam cleaning.

  • Reusable and Recyclable: Containers are manufactured using HDPE which can be used over and over again for may years. When the product has ended it's life cycle, they are 100% recyclable for zero waste to landfills.
Bulk Containers
The MACX bulk storage container is a one piece injection molded heavy duty bin. Unit comes as standard in 3 different sizes and 7 colors. Units can be stacked up to 10 high and have a load capacity of 1500-lbs or 190 US gallons. The runners on this container are replaceable and can be ordered to run along the short or long side of the pallet. All bins facilitate four way fork entry.
The KITBIN is a modular bulk container whose side walls can be completely detached from the pallet base. This patented design allows for up to 75% space storage either in transport or in your warehouse. As all walls, bases, and parts are modular they can easily be replaced to eliminate downtime. Bins can easily be set-up for use in less than 5 minutes by only one person.
The DFC is a heavy-duty folding container with a hygienic, FDA approved design perfect for the clean and secure transport throughout your supply chain. The side and back walls of the DFC fold down for space saving when not loaded, and can be easily be broken down or set-up by one person. Three integrated pallet runners on each base provide secure and strong holding power for tipping when container is used with a fork truck.