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KitBin and KitBin XT

The ultimate knock down shipping containers

Looking for a cost effective shipping container that can replace your current gaylords and folding shipping bins? Then look no further! The KitBin and KitBin XT is the only knock down shipping container to consider. These unique bins took a good idea and made it great! The patented KitBin design allows for all walls to be completely removed and detached from the base pallet. The result is a shipping container that costs less, saves time, and most importantly can save you up to 30% in space compared to traditional fold down containers on the market.

  • Space Savings: The patented design and construction of the Kitbin allows for up 75% space savings on return shipping compared to solid wall containers like the MACX bins, and up to 30% space savings compared to fold down wall design bins

  • Fast & Easy Set-Up: Each bin can be set-up or disassembled by a single worker in less than 1 minute!

  • Heavy Duty Construction: Kit bins shipping containers are rugged, impact-resistant, temperature-resistant, weather-resistant, and rot-resistant. Bins will stand up to years or repeated power and steam washing.
  • Small Footprint: 5 containers break down to fit in the footprint of 1 KitBin

  • No Down Time: The KitBin and KitBin XT utilize a modular design, meaning all side wall panels and connectors are easily replaceable. If one component of your bin is damaged that part can quickly be swapped out eliminating down time and waste.

  • Reusable and Recyclable: Containers are manufactured using HDPE which can be used over and over again for may years. When the product has ended it's life cycle, they are 100% recyclable for zero waste to landfills.
KitBin Solid

$313.00 Each
KitBin Vented

$313.00 Each
KitBin XT

$435.00 Each
KitBin Solid & Vented Specifications
Outside Dim: 48" x 40" x 28"
Inside Dim: 43.9" x 36" x 22.2"
Weight Capacity: 1,320-lbs
Volume Capacity: 163 Gallons, 20 Cubic Feet
Stackable: Up to 6 units high
Stack Capacity: 6,000-lbs
Weight: 84-lbs
KitBin XT Specifications
Outside Dim: 48" x 40" x 50.5"
Inside Dim: 43.9" x 36" x 44.5"
Weight Capacity: 2,200-lbs
Volume Capacity: 280 Gallons, 37 Cubic Feet
Stackable: Up to 6 units high
Stack Capacity: 3,960-lbs
Weight: 123-lbs
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