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Portable Cantilever Bar & Pipe Carts
Cantilever Bar & Pipe Cart
4 Swivel Wheels w/ Brakes

Deck Size Model Price
36" x 48" LL27 $577.00
36" x 60" LL28 $600.00
36" x 72" LL29 $646.00
Cantilever Bar & Pipe Cart
2 Rigid, 2 Swivel Wheels w/ Floor Lock

Shelf Size Model Price
36" x 48" LL27-FL $596.00
36" x 60" LL28-FL $618.00
36" x 72" LL29-FL $664.00

Cantilever pipe carts for sale from DC Graves allow for double sided storage of pipe, bar, stock or any other long material. These pipe storage and transportation carts are all welded using a 12 gauge steel bottom deck that is 36" wide. We offer two different models with either two or three vertical uprights welded to the bottom deck with three levels of arms on both sides for storage. The uprights are made from stout 4" channel that extend 48" vertically from the deck with 1-1/2" square tube arms extending in both directions.

  • 3,600-lbs capacity (evenly distributed over all storage levels)
  • all cantilever pipe racks for sale have a 36" wide deck x 48", 60", or 72" long
  • 11" deck height, 59" overall height
  • 4-1/2" high end stops on each arm
  • usable (horizontal) arm space per side:
    bottom: 15"
    middle: 11"
    top: 7"
  • Heavy duty pipe racks equipped with 8" x 2" Phenolic casters
  • Note: all units are wider than 36" and will NOT fit through standard doors

LL Series: Two upright cantilever pipe cart generally used for longer lengths of pipe as there is a wider span between uprights to support your load. With such a wide span between supporting members we suggest only storing rigid materials on this series carts as less firm parts can sage or bow in the center.