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Plastic and Steel Industrial Grade Shelving

Shelving for an industrial application can come in many different styles, strengths, and forms. DC Graves offers plastic and steel shelving systems that can handle any storage need in your facility. Choose between structural plastic shelving, steel boltless rivet angle shelving, and steel bulk storage rack. Our industrial heavy duty plastic shelving is chemical resistant and is perfect for wet conditions as the heavy duty structural plastic will not rust like a steel shelving unit. Steel boltless rivet angle shelving is an economical steel shelving system that offers high strength storage at a reasonable price. All of DC Graves industrial shelving systems are easy to install, no nut and bolt connections are used in any unit besides the roll out shelving. Simple install process has your shelving up in running in no time. In addition to quick installation, all of the shelving below is kept in stock and be shipped in 3 to 5 business days from its specified warehouse. Please call to discuss your shelving needs with someone who can direct you to the correct shelving unit for your application

Industrial Shelving
Heavy Duty Shelving

Boltless Shelving: Easy to use and assemble, boltless shelving from DC Graves requires no nuts and bolts to assemble. Double rivet 20 or 22 gauge steel shelves lock directly into rivet angle posts to create a strong shelving unit. The rigid design enables access from all fours sides of the shelving as no horizontal sway braces are required. Each starter and adder unit comes with 5 shelf levels, shelves can be added or removed as you conditions change.

Industrial Plastic Shelving: Industrial grade plastic shelving from DC Graves is a rugged storage system that is resistant to chemicals and is an ideal solution for wet storage areas. Choose between solid heavy duty plastic shelves or grid top shelves which permit the flow of air and water, and prevents dust build up. This modular plastic shelving can be re-configured in many different ways to adapt to changing storage needs in your facility.

Roll Out Shelving: Ideal for storage of heavy industrial fixtures, roll out shelving is best suited for easy loading and unloading of materials with an overhead crane or forklift. The roll out shelves extend 100% from the frame of the shelving unit and locks into place when extended. This shelf extended from the frame allows the user to quickly access material on the shelf and hook up with a crane or forklift. Roll out shelves can handle up to 2,000 pounds of material per shelf.

Heavy Duty Shelving: Steel reinforced heavy duty shelving can offer up to 4,000 pounds capacity per shelf. The superior strength of the shelving unit makes it perfect for storing dies, motors, jigs, fixtures and other heavy materials. Shelves can be adjusted vertically on 1-1/2" centers and shelves can be added or removed to meet changing storage needs. Heavy duty industrial shelving units can hold up to 13,000 pounds distributed over the shelves, making it an economical heavy duty storage system.