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Low Profile Pallet Jack

Low and Ultra Low Profile Hand Pallet Trucks

Lift Rite- Low Profile Manual Pallet Jack

Make easy work of hard to handle low clearance pallets!

Low profile hand pallet trucks and ultra low pallet jack units from Lift Rite can handle any pallet or skid with low clearance openings that cannot be accessed with the industry standard 3" lowered height trucks. With a low profile hand pallet truck in you warehouse, low clearance skids can be quickly transported out of the way and onto their final destination. No longer will you have to break down the unmovable pallet or wait for a fork truck to free up to move the pallet. The ultra low pallet jack feature 1.75" lowered forks for the most demanding low clearance openings. Both series of low profile pallet jacks for sale are built with the Titan one piece European made hydraulic pump which carries a two year warranty!

Superior Quality Hydraulic Pump
One-Piece Cast Construction, No Leaks!
Black Nylon Steer & Load Wheels
2" or 1.75" Ultra Low Profile Forks
Model Fork Size (W x L) Price Weight
Low Profile - 2" Lowered Fork Height
M5C3LY00 18" x 36" $1,498 150-lbs.
M523LY00 20.5" x 36" $1,107 150-lbs.
M522LY00 20.5" x 42" $1,095 155-lbs.
M521LY00 20.5" x 48" $1,084 160-lbs.
M513LY00 27" x 36" $1,075 160-lbs.
M512LY00 27" x 42" $1,078 165-lbs.
M511LY00 27" x 48" $1,080 175-lbs.
Ultra Low Profile - 1.75" Lowered Fork Height
U523LY00 20.5" x 36" $1,086 145-lbs.
U522LY00 20.5" x 42" $1,123 155-lbs.
U521LY00 20.5" x 48" $1,136 165-lbs.
U51BLY00 27" x 24" $1,270 145-lbs.
U513LY00 27" x 36" $1,094 155-lbs.
U512LY00 27" x 42" $1,136 165-lbs.
U511LY00 27" x 48" $1,107 175-lbs.
Capacity: 5,000-lbs.
Fork Width: 6"
Lowered Height: 2" or 1.75"
Raised Height: 6-3/4"
Steer Wheels: 7" Diameter
Load Wheels: 2" Diameter
Wheel Type: Nylon
Color: Yellow