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"Quick-Ship" - Series #MTSB
Medium Duty - Trough - Slider Bed - Belt Conveyor
Pricing - Series #MTSB
Pricing - 8" Wide Belt / 12" Wide Frame Pricing - 24" Wide Belt / 28" Wide Frame
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Pricing - 20" Wide Belt / 24" Wide Frame
trough bed belt conveyor

Specifications - Series #MTSB
Belt: Black PVC 120 belt.

Bed: 12 gauge powder painted formed steel with 2-1/2" high vertical sides bolted to top of bed , 4" deep. Bed sections are 5' and 10' long bolted together with splice plates and floor supports.

Tail Pulley: 4" diameter crowned with 1-3/16" shaft.

Drive Pully: 4" diameter drive pulley with 1-3/16" shaft for bed lengths 5' to 50', 8" diameter drive pulley with 1-7/16" shaft for bed lengths 55' to 100', all drive pulleys crowned and lagged.

Snub Rollers: 2" diameter for 4" drive pulley, 2-1/2" diameter for 8" drive pulley.

Return Rollers: 1.9" diameter adjustable on 10' centers.
Floor Supports: Adjustable from 28.5" to 42.5", measured from floor to top of belt. Each trough belt conveyor is supplied with one support at each end and one support at each bed joint.

Take-Up: 6" long screws located at tail pulley for belt tightening.

Bearings: Sealed and prelubricated with cast iron housing.

Motor: 1/2 HP 230-460-3-60 totally enclosed.

Belt Speed: 60 feet per minute, constant speed.

Finish: Green Powder Coat Finish.

Incline: Can be used at 15 degree maximum incline.
Load Capacity Chart (60 FPM)
Maximum load per lineal foot of conveyor is 100-lbs. Not to exceed load capacity chart.
Motor HP Maximum Total Load
1/2 HP Motor 435-lbs
3/4 HP Motor 650-lbs
1 HP Motor 810-lbs

Important - "Quick-Ship" - Notes

"Quick-Ship" power conveyor orders ship in 5 working days after the order is entered.

"Quick-Ship" orders are quantity sensitive large orders may not qualify, please call to check if you have a large requirement.

All power flat belt conveyor products are sold as standard less electrical controls. Electrical controls are available as options.

Electical controls must be mounted and wired by others.