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Series PJ - Diamond Pattern Cater Platform Truck Series PT - 12 Gauge Steel Deck Platform Truck Series PU - Lips Up Platform Truck

Steel Deck Platform Trucks

Heavy Duty Platform Trucks with Steel Decks

With a low deck and high handle, steel platform trucks are an ergonomic solution for moving parts, boxes, cartons, and many other materials. The removable steel handle is 1-1/4" OD pipe with a smooth radius radius bend at the top of the flatbed cart for comfortable hand placement when in use. There are several different models below to choose from offering various designs for certain applications. DC Graves platform carts are all welded, ready for immediate use when received. The steel deck is manufactured using 12 gauge steel, depending on capacity selected, some higher capacity models will have channels on the underside of the heavy duty platform trolley to provide extra reinforcement for heavy loads.

Steel Deck Platform Trucks - 1,200-lbs Capacity
PT - Standard Platform Truck

PU - Lipped Platform Truck

PJ - Diamond Caster Platform Truck

Heavy Duty Platform Trucks - 2,000 - 5,000-lbs Capacity
PZ - 2,000-lbs Capacity

PX - 3,000-lbs Capacity

PW - 4,000-lbs Capacity

NB - 5,000-lbs Capacity

PD - Removable Stakes Platform

PP - Diamond Plate Platform