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Folding Platform Truck

Folding Platform Truck, Folding Handle Platform Cart

Folding platform trucks from DC Graves are a space and time saving material transporter. The folding handle retracts down to the platform when not in use to a compact size that can easily be stored and not waste precious floor space. These transporters are lightweight and portable, available with 4 or 5 inch casters and even available with 8 inch pneumatic casters for odd and rough terrain. When the handle is folded down these folding platform carts can be doubled for use as a dolly. Most models offer a full length perimeter bumper to protect walls during collision. DC Graves offers the folding platform cart in 4 different materials aluminum, plastic, steel, and stainless steel.

Steel Folding Platform Trucks
Economy Folding Platform Truck

240 to 660-lbs Capacity
Telescoping Folding Handle

440 or 660-lbs Capacity
Stainless Steel Folding Truck

440 or 770-lbs Capacity
Aluminum Folding Platform Trucks
Aluminum Folding Platform Truck

350 or 550-lbs Capacity
Ergo Aluminum Folding Platform

660-lbs Capacity
Twin Folding Handle Aluminum

660-lbs Capacity