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Material Handling Carts

The best material handling carts for industrial applications

Our sales team at DC Graves have been selling material handling carts since our inception in 1994. These many years of experience, customer interactions, and sales data allow us to pass along our knowledge of the most popular material handling carts that are used in facilities across America. DC Graves sells only the highest quality, heavy duty steel carts that are made in the USA.

#1 – Two Shelf Cart

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it? I believe that’s how the saying goes. The two shelf cart could not be simpler, yet serve such a wide array of purposes. The two shelves are 12 gauge steel welded to angle iron posts. These heavy duty steel carts come as standard with both shelves lips up 1-1/2” but at no cost to you we can have the shelves flipped and welded flush for a smooth shelf with no edges. This material handling cart is available in 17 different shelf sizes ranging from 18 x 24 all the way to 36 x 72. The all welded construction provides the user with a superior cart to other cheaper, bolt together options on the market today.

#2 – Low Profile Cart with Offset Handle

The offset handle for this material handling cart extends 12” above the top shelf creating a very ergonomic and user friendly handle that allows for superior control and movement. The top shelf height of 27” creates a lower than normal top shelf which facilitates shorter lifts for heavy items to be stored on the top shelf. The low profile cart is one of the best selling items in our cart catalog.

#3 – Two Shelf Cart with 3” Deep Shelves

Same design as the two shelf cart mentioned above but featuring shelves with 3” deep lips. The deep lipped shelves retain products contained inside the shelves and act as a guard to prevent any spillage over the sides or expensive parts from falling off. These material handling carts are great when used in machining factories as heavy bar stock and other metal parts can be securely kept in place on the shelves without the operator worrying about parts rolling over the sides, etc.…

#4 - Adjustable Shelf Carts

These newly offered material handling carts are an ideal solution for picking operations and stock room applications with ever changing needs. Users can add or subtract shelves based on box size, quantities, etc...Shelves are adjustable on 3-1/2” centers vertically on all carts; and can easily be removed or added on the fly without the use of tools. The two sided adjustable stock cart allows for users to adjust shelves and access materials from both sides of the shelves.

#5 – Three Sided Mesh Cart

This three sided cart has a wide open front with mesh sides and backs that extend vertically 48” which act as a backstop to prevent boxes or any other products from falling out. Additionally, the mesh sides allow air to circulate and allows the user to identify products on the cart. Featuring large 6” casters and a weight capacity of 2,000-lbs these heavy duty steel carts are frequently used to stack large and heavy containers, packages, etc. unloaded from trucks or vans. The bottom shelf has a 1-1/2” lip to ensure that product is contained within and will not slide out of the front.