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Series SS10 Quick Ship Skatewheel Conveyor
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Series SS10 Specifications

Skatewheel conveyor is ideal for moving a variety of cardboard boxes, trays, plastic totes, cartons etc, within your factory or warehouse. Skatewheel conveyor can also be used very effectively for loading or unloading trucks. When used with tripod supports skatewheel conveyor can be quickly set up and taken down due to its hook and rod couplings.

Skatewheel conveyor can be set up as level in which case product is manually pushed and or pulled along the skatewheel conveyor. Or the skate wheel conveyor can be set up with a pitch where the product is moved along with the help of gravity.

A unique feature of skatewheel conveyor is that product placed on the conveyor "tracks nicely" and should stay on the conveyor even around a curve due to the gravity conveyor systems.

Frames - 2-1/2" x 1" x 12 gauge formed steel channel, green powder coat finish as standard (optional colors available). Equipped with one axle support on the 12", 15" & 18" wide and two axle supports on the 24" wide..

Wheels - Zinc plated steel wheels 1-15/16" diameter x 5/8" face with a steel hardened raceway and a 13/16" wide cone. Each wheel contains seven 1/4" hardened and ground steel balls. A lightly oiled baffled construction is designed to keep dirt out

Cross Braces - 5' lengths have two bolt-on cross members and 10' lengths have four..
Wheel Capacity: 50-lbs. per wheel.

Axles: bolt-on, 1/4" diameter cold drawn steel, set on 3" centers.

Couplings Each conveyor length is equipped with hook and rod couplings

Overall Widths: All quick ship skatewheel conveyors are available in 12", 18" or 24" overall width.

Lengths: Skatewheel conveyors are 5' or 10' long as standard.
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