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"Quick-Ship" - Series #10MPA
Light Duty - Belt Driven - Minimum Pressure
Accumulating - Roller Conveyor
Pricing - Series #10MPA
Pricing - 16" Between Frame Width Pricing - Options
Pricing - 22" Between Frame Width

Specifications - Series #10MPA
Bed: 5-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 12 gauge powder painted formed steel channel. Bed sections are bolted together with butt plates and floor supports.

Tread Rollers: 1-3/8" diameter x 18 gauge galvanized steel with 5/16" hex shaft on 1-1/2" or 3" centers. Equipped with safety pop-out design to prevent damage to product or harm to personnel if caught between drive belt and tread rollers.

Pressure Rollers: 1-3/8" diameter x 12 gauge galvanized steel with 5/16" hex shaft on 6" centers equipped with pressure adjustable cams.

Driving Belt: 4' wide Black PVC 120 belt.

X-Bracing: Frame squaring device supplied with conveyors over 40' long on every other bed section.

Drive Pully: 4" diameter drive pulley crowned and fully lagged with 1-3/16" shaft. Located at in-feed end of conveyor.

Tail Pulley: 4" diameter crowned with 1-3/16" shaft.

Snub Rollers:
2" diameter adjustable, located directly behind drive and tail pulleys.

Return Rollers: 1.9" diameter adjustable on 10' centers.

Floor Supports:
Adjustable from 30" to 44", measured from floor to top of roller. Each conveyor supplied with one support at each end and one support at each bed joint.

Take-Up: Located at the discharge end end of conveyor, provides 12" of belt take-up.

Bearings: Sealed and prelubricated with cast iron housing.

Motor: 1/2 HP 230-460-3-60 totally enclosed.

Belt Speed: 60 feet per minute, constant speed.

Finish: Green Powder Coat Finish.
Load Capacity Chart (60 FPM)
Maximum load per lineal foot of conveyor is 100-lbs. Not to exceed load capacity chart.
Motor HP Maximum Total Load
1/2 HP Motor 1300-lbs
3/4 HP Motor 2000-lbs

Important - "Quick-Ship" - Notes

"Quick-Ship" power conveyor orders ship in 5 working days after the order is entered.

"Quick-Ship" orders are quantity sensitive large orders may not qualify, please call to check if you have a large requirement.

All power conveyor products are sold as standard less electrical controls. Electrical controls are available as options.

Electical controls must be mounted and wired by others.